Welcome to Houndstooth

Hi there and welcome to our website.  If you are reading this you are an early visitor.  We have a lot coming and are working towards making our site a source of information for dog owners as well as a virtual repository for doggy fashion.  Our love for creatures small and large is equivocal to our need to make them happy.

Between stigmas of non dog owners that don’t, sometimes, understand why you would treat a dog like your own child, and new dog owners, sometimes misunderstanding the huge responsibility it can be, we hope to help alleviate some of the stress, anxiety and confusion surrounding pet ownership.

The products we sell on this site are made by Leza Marais, from pattern design to production and finishing.  Always ready to take your call and make custom items for your pets, this site will host the most popular selections of highest quality.

All leather products are double backed, protective coatings applied, double stitchings and re-enforced.  All material products have undergone strict selection of supplier, to bring the best products onto your pets.

Contact us anytime for more information or bookmark us and check back from time to time, as we will endeavour to keep things fresh.


Below are the two sweet creatures that have been there for testing creations and dealing with our failures , together, they are fast paced, high energy, interesting and hyper intelligent.


Nala | Greyhound | Ridiculously active and seemingly telepathic


Chloe | Whippet | Endearingly cute, she has no end of care to give, has a calming superpower.