Straight Collar – Red

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Straight Collar Sizes

L/XL_50-58cm, M_38-44cm, M/L_42-48cm, M/L_43-45cm, S_28-34cm, S/M_33-39cm, XL_57-65cm, XS_18-24cm, XS/S_23-29cm


R 390.00R 570.00

Walk and talk with Houndstooth Apparel’s collection of luxury leather products.

This product is designed for fashion-forward dog owners and our collars and leads allow you and your pooch to hit the park, sidewalk or beach with confidence.

What separates us from the rest is that we pay a lot of time and effort on quality and style. We used not one, but two layers of leather so you have the inside and outside of the collar with a beautiful finish. 

With confidence we can ensure that this leather product will not stretch, by using a non stretch grip support in the middle to bind the two leather sides together.

This product is soft even though we used two layers of leather keeping it very comfortable for your dog.

The buckle attachments folds to the outside unlike other collars so it’s completely smooth around your pets neckline and wouldn’t scratch or scrape your dogs neck while in use.

Made from Aniline leather, each piece is as sturdy as it is stylish. Our leather has been treated to guarantee long lasting results and hold its colour, this is an ideal investment piece.