Pet Duvet Cover – Dark Grey

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Pet Duvet

M/L_100x120cm, S/M_80x100cm


R 330.00R 380.00

Houndstooth Apparel’s pet duvets are designed to be most minimal comfortable duvet, so your hound can sleep in style. This duvets comes with a double down inner and cotton polyester duvet cover.

The pet duvet is designed to make your dog sleep cosy during the cold winter nights and you can say goodbye to hairy fleece blankets forever.

It can be use as a mattress topper or an easy transportable cushion for travelling with your dog.  The down ensure to regulate heat especially during hot summer days.

The duvet is designed to fit perfect with your interior using the highest quality material, which offers the ultimate life of luxury. 

All of Houndstooth’s pet duvet covers are easy to take on and off and design to wash and dry easily.  You also can get more covers on later stage to make this process easier especially on rainy days.

This is an upmarket  exclusive range for pets, we use the option of two colours.

Fabric: Polyester/Cotton

Colour options :